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Greg A.

Behind the scenes at Prizm Solar

Prizm Solar is a locally owned solar system company that understands your needs. Together, the owners of Prizm Solar, have over 12 years of experience in the local solar industry. They recognized a need for solar companies that offer solar solutions tailored to the specific needs of each individual homeowner. Not every home is the same. Each home, even if the same size, uses different levels of energy. Cookie cutter services in the solar industry don’t cut it anymore. What homeowners need is a company that will do an audit on your home to collect its energy use data, then create a plan for which solar system will be best suited for your home. So, that is exactly what Prizm Solar offers! When you do solar with Prizm, you receive the solar solution that fits YOU.

Household Solutions

Many people have ask, “is solar affordable?” The answer is yes! No matter what your social class is, solar systems can be affordable. To help you see if going solar is right for you, Prizm Solar will provide you with an energy consultant that can meet with you, do an audit on the energy your home uses, and help you evaluate if going solar is right for you.When you have a solar system installed by us, we make sure that your home is taken care of by providing you with a 25-year degradation warranty on your entire system, as well as a 10-year roof leak warranty. Want a solar system installed at your home, but you don’t live in or near East Idaho? No worries! Prizm Solar has techs available to install any kind of solar systems in all 50 states.

Business Solutions

Going solar at your company has many benefits. The most popular reasons businesses and corporations have been going solar are for tax incentives and to do their part to create a more sustainable planet. The larger-scale solar projects we do for companies and corporations can provide you with anything up to 100 kW of power per meter.Our energy consultants will meet with you one-on-one to evaluate your company’s energy use, review the tax benefits and incentives you qualify for, and ultimately help you decide whether solar is suitable for your company. With over 12 years of industry experience, the professionals at Prizm Solar will confidently provide you with the services you need to cut back on energy consumption and contribute to creating a more sustainable environment.

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